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Improve your tennis with a professional coach and player. All aspects of the game are covered.


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Sunday, May 26, 2024 5:00 PM

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About the Session

Offering tennis lesson all over London and the South East Area..Court booking is not included. However, if you book a two hour lesson there is almost always an appropriate practicing area next to all the tennis courts which we could use for the first hour which will save you money. The second hour can be spent using the tennis court at your expense.

☑ Free cancellation up to 48hr prior to the session. Full fee applies thereafter.

About Me

Fed up with confusing tennis advice from coaches?

I have dedicated my life to mastering the entire game of tennis. I will transform your game with practical and actionable steps with my coaching.

I operate all over London and the south east/coast

I have experience playing on the ITF Pro Tour Circuit and have been coached and mentored by some of the best coaches in the world. Some who have produced the top 10 ATP players in the world, and others who have a PHD in biomechanics, taught me the comprehensive science behind the ATP strokes with cutting-edge science that no other coach has access to.

I believe that I have developed new coaching ideas and advice that I've thought of for every student to understand that no other coach has done before. This has been very effective for my students. This came about through my many years of coaching experience and a passion of mine to improve every student in the quickest time possible, always trying to improve on it. I have used my knowledge to train other coaches too.

I also have a lot of knowledge in tennis tactics,tennis mental game,exercises,tennis drills,yoga,personal training,nutrition, biohacking,  biomechanics, functional rehabilitation, movement, and gait. My acquired knowledge of other sports indicates that tennis techniques can be applied across the sporting spectrum. I can break down every nuance of the biomechanical tennis swings of the pros. I can also teach you other hybrid tennis strokes that require less effort on the body than the typical ATP modern strokes, which is useful for my older clients.

You'll be getting my best knowledge, which has taken me an enormous amount of time and money to acquire.

Qualifications and Experience

Please message me, and we can arrange a lesson and court immediately at your convenience.

I'm a specialist in all strokes, including the forehand,one-handed backhand,two-handed backhand, volley, and serve. Coaching mostly Londoners from complete beginners up to professional players on the pro tour.

I'm very confident I can instantly make a dramatic improvement with your game for students of all levels. I have many clients that say they have learned more with me in one lesson than spending weeks and even months with any previous.

Don't worry; I will not be feeding you balls aimlessly from a basket. If you are only looking for a hitting partner,and no coaching, then I am the wrong person for you. I believe the best use of my time for you to improve in a very short period of time is my coaching,with emphasis on technique.

I structure my lessons as follows, depending on the level of the student. This can all vary depending on what you want to work on, or what I or the student thinks needs more attention. The first part of the lesson will be technique, as this is extremely helpful for the following steps. The technique is then put into use as I drop feed you the ball, and we cover various drills. We then hit the ball after.

I do recommend having a few lessons if you are serious about improving your tennis, which everyone wants. One lesson isn't really enough, unless you only want a taster session. I always do my very best to get every student to the next level. I'm 100 percent positive I can always make that happen with every student, regardless of your coordination levels and experience. Some students might progress slightly faster than others, and some slightly slower. Within a few lessons, we can cover absolutely everything in tennis, saving you lots of time and money, and this will boost your enjoyment and confidence with tennis and rallying. There is a chance you will forget some of what you have learnt and, for this reason, I'd recommend more than one lesson..

Teaching Location(s)

Waterlow Park

Dartmouth Park Hill, Highgate, Middlesex, N19 5JF