We are pleased to announce that Aceify are running another event featuring Peter McCraw. Peter is one of the worlds leading tennis coaches and has worked with some all time great players such as Maria Sharapova and Tommy Haas.

Pro Tennis: The Mental- Tactical - Technical - Physical Link

Ever wondered why the Pros can consistently compete match after match and create great shots from all areas of the court and in pressure moments. They have integrated the Mental - Tactical - Technical- Physical components of their game that produces the 'right shot at the right time'.

This Seminar will take a step by step approach in establishing, then linking all four key components together. It will cover the 4 shot making intentions and connect both the technical (grips, swing lines and swing shapes) to the physical (contact moves) from all zones of the court. Finally is will outline the Mental framework great competitors use to achieve a high performance competitive state throughout a match

The seminar will be delivered on-court in a dynamic setting with coach and player participation throughout. All participants will take away practical knowledge and tools they can implement into their own game and coaching sessions.

Tickets are £75 and you will get 3 LTA CPD credits. The event is free for Aceify Coaches. To qualify as an Aceify Coach you must be subscribed to the Coach app and have completed a lesson on the app.

The Aceify Team.