Cornel has now been stringing for Aceify customers for 6 months. We have many 100s of happy customers that have had the 'Cornel Experience'. Amazingly he will come to you and do your tennis racket restring on your door step. He has a world class tennis racket stringing machine in the back of his car.

Cornel is a very good tennis player himself and so understands tennis very well. This helps him to give good advice on your racket string choice and setup.

New balls... New Strings?


Have you ever wondered how often you should change your strings and where to look for a tennis racket restringing near your location?

Strings degrade every time you use them. Even if you do not play the tension drops. It is amazing what a fresh set of strings can do for your game.

Cornel has a special Wimbledon offer for Aceify customers. If you order your tennis racket restringing via the Aceify app the first order is half price. This pricing is only available on the Aceify app.

Here is a video from Babolat Grand Slam stringer explaining how often you should change your strings:

Watch video

2-12 hour turnaround for a tennis racket restringing. Delivery services within London, Surrey and Hampshire

Full Prices - First Order Half Price

Synthetic £20
Multi-filament £30
Polyester/co-polyester £30
Premium poly/co-poly £35
Hybrid £30
Premium Hybrid £35
Natural gut £45
With your own strings £25

To order from Cornel, go to Aceify, Find a coach

He is in the coach directory.