Tennis industry in England and in Ukraine – What is in common and what are the differences?

  • Kseniia 

Tennis is one of the most well-liked, captivating and unpredictable sports. Matches of top players gather millions of viewers near the screens, and the stands on the courts at the most glorious tournaments are filled with fans, despite the high ticket cost. It might be complicated to predict the game’s outcome, which is one of the reasons for the huge popularity of tennis. One of the recent and most large-scale events, which was exciting to follow, is the Wimbledon tournament. Tennis players performed on a grass surface in the United Kingdom. This year, Novak Djokovic won the final again, defeating Nick Kyrgios 3-1 in sets. This year’s women’s champion is Elena Rybakina, who beat the up-and-coming tennis player Ons Jabeur in three sets.

The ‎Wimbledon‎‎ tournament is a wonderful, incredibly unique and very important event. Thanks to the refined English taste, this tournament is one of the most wonderful and thrilling events of the year, which attracts people from all over the world. Many visitors go to the Wimbledon club on other days throughout the year to be inspired by its views. Britain is distinguished by its desire to modernise and digitalise the tennis industry while maintaining traditions and excellent cultural practices. Thanks to this, the process of developing does not bring discomfort but occurs smoothly at a comfortable pace.

Analysing the tennis field in the United Kingdom and Ukraine, the first thing you want to pay attention to is that tennis is one of the most respected sports in the former case. When choosing a school for a child, some parents opt for private schools, as in the section list (additional classes) that they provide, one can often find tennis. Grass surfaces work well for England. Grass courts have the lowest and fastest ball bounce compared to other court surfaces; perhaps this is why British tennis players are characterised by their speed.

 Thinking of tennis in the United Kingdom, one can confidently say that training cost is more expensive than in Ukraine. There is also a noticeable difference in the percentage of qualified coaches and players. The percentage of professionals in Britain is much lower than in Ukraine, but this may occur due to the total number of players, which is hundreds or even thousands of times greater than in Ukraine. In London, hundreds of tennis courts are located in parks, not to mention tennis clubs. There are many sports grounds where you can play for free. The average professional level of coaches is significantly lower than the Ukrainian one, but this is the result of high demand and a significant number of players. The love for tennis is also manifested in the fact that almost all newbies, amateurs, and children have their rackets.

 The fact that there is a massive number of tournaments held in England looks favourable. Athletes have the opportunity to better prepare for international tournaments, as well as score extra points to be successfully seeded. A remarkable feature of the British is the desire of people to invite a colleague or friend to play tennis after work. Such a pastime can also be a terrific opportunity to get to know a person better, as well as discuss working moments without too much fuss, in a comfortable positive environment. Exploring the city, one can see tennis courts filled with players of different ages and gender, with smiles on their faces.

In Ukraine, tennis is not developing as quickly as in the United Kingdom, the options to play even at the club or amateur level are considerably less than in Britain. This circumstance is directly related to the insufficient number of tennis courts and their high prices, especially in the autumn-winter period. To sign up for the training during this period, one needs to book a court a month in advance or call day after day expecting that other players have cancelled their class and it is possible to take their place.

Due to the lack of tennis courts, professional players and coaches cannot be sure of their schedule and expenses and often have to choose a tennis club out of town because there is a better chance of booking a tennis court.

There are no serious tennis tournaments in Ukraine; few international-class tournaments are held yearly. Usually, such tournaments are carried out on clay or hard surfaces, as the grass is not in demand there. This situation prevents Ukrainian tennis players from gaining points and advancing in the ranking without additional financial and psychological costs. Despite all the difficulties, Ukrainian athletes are well-known and admired by onlookers. This is done thanks to the high quality of training provided in Ukraine; one can notice a high level of qualification and tennis technique accuracy.

 Since tennis is a very expensive activity, not every family can provide their children with all they need to achieve high results. Hence, athletes end their careers prematurely and start their coaching activities. And having gone through all the difficulties associated with the cost and complexity of organising training, not leaving professional sports halfway, and changing the field of activity, Ukrainian athletes, as players and coaches, become high-class motivated specialists. Thus, to a large extent, the high quality of teaching in Ukraine roots in the challenging conditions and hardships that Ukrainian athletes must overcome. That is why Ukrainian athletes, in addition to their high level of performance, are also distinguished by their strong character and determination. One of the Ukrainian tennis optimistic aspects is the human factor. If a child is skilful, diligent and desires to play professionally, a coach and a tennis club can generously reduce the cost of classes.

 Also, the number of tennis fans, who do not only follow the performances of athletes and play with friends or participate in amateur tournaments, is growing very quickly, and it directly affects the tennis infrastructure and the number of sponsors. Money invested in professional training can be an investment not only in a sports career and education. Well-trained tennis players receive grants and scholarships from foreign universities for education. While other countries are dependent on geography, more expenses will need to be spent on capital and large cities.

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