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Hello Tennis Fans

Today we are launching a new section of the Aceify website called The Ace. In the area, we will be writing about hot topics in tennis. This is an exciting time of year for tennis fans with the build-up to Wimbledon 2019. We will be covering the build-up to Wimbledon and the tournament itself in detail. We are based in London and have good sources, on our team, that are top tennis coaches and players.

We love tennis and we hope to inspire others to try tennis or to come back to tennis. It is a sport for life that can be enjoyed by everyone. We will cover specific tennis related topics as well as other more general lifestyle topics. We are particularly interested in fitness, nutrition, psychology, and mental health.

Alongside first-class writing, we are also going to provide media that is now so easy to do using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Please follow us and get involved in what we are doing! We could do with a few more followers 🙂

We are not just all about performance tennis. We will also be covering topics that appeal to beginners and people that know nothing about tennis. So don’t feel you have to be Federer level player to get involved.

We have a team of writers that you will be hearing from soon. We are also interested in meeting interesting people that might like to write for us, provide video content, podcast, live stream or help with our social media. You need to be knowledgeable about relevant topics and a love of tennis would certainly be a bonus. If you would be interested in meeting us then please email malcolm@aceify.me or call 07912 106 885. Don’t be shy!

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