The Wimbledon
Championships 2024

1 JULY 2024 TO 14 JULY 2024 2024 Schedule

Welcome to the world's most prestigious tennis tournament:

This iconic event has been hosted at the historic All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in the
charming district of Wimbledon since 1877. What sets Wimbledon apart is its distinguished grass courts,
which offer a unique challenge and elevate the game to new heights.

Wimbledon is a place where tradition meets the present on lush green lawns. Athletes playing on these
courts must follow a unique dress code of all-white, which embodies the timeless elegance synonymous
with the tournament. The sensory experience is heightened by indulging in Wimbledon's quintessential
delight of strawberries and cream while witnessing world-class tennis unfold.

Wimbledon Img
Wimbledon Img

Walking through Wimbledon's picturesque grounds is a surreal experience. The air is infused with the
weight of history, and each step carries a sense of occasion that is unparalleled. It's a feeling that must
be experienced to be truly understood.

This prestigious tournament is the ultimate aspiration for tennis stars worldwide. The Centre Court,
witness to legendary clashes, boasts an illustrious roster of champions, including Roger Federer, Serena
Williams, Novak Djokovic, and many others. Their indelible mark on Wimbledon reflects not just
exceptional skill but also a profound connection to the tournament's rich tapestry. Wimbledon is truly a
place where history is made and legends are born.

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Wimbledon 2024 Schedule

Men's & Ladies' 1st Round

Monday, July 1st

Tuesday, July 2nd

Men's & Ladies' 2nd Round

Wednesday, July 3rd

Thursday, July 4th

Men's & Ladies' 3rd Round

Friday, July 5th

Saturday, July 6th

Men's & Ladies' 4th Round

Sunday, July 7th

Monday, July 8th

Men's Singles Quarterfinals,
Ladies' Singles Quarterfinal

Tuesday, July 9th

Wednesday, July 10th

Ladies' Singles Semifinals,
Mixed Doubles Final

Thursday, July 11th

Men's Singles Semifinals

Friday, July 12th

Ladies' Singles Final,
Men's Doubles Final

Saturday, July 13th

Men's Singles Final,Ladies' Doubles Final

Sunday, July 14th

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5 Facts About Wimbledon!

Fact 01

Maria Sharapova, The loudest tennis player ever!

Players can be vocal, but the loudest grunt at Wimbledon was from Maria Sharapova in 2009 at 105
decibels, as loud as a revving motorcycle!

Fact 02

The winners of Wimbledon do not get to keep their trophy

The winner gets a mini trophy; the original is displayed at the club's museum.

Fact 03

The longest-ever Wimbledon match lasted for over 11 hours!

The longest match ever played at Wimbledon was in 2010 between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. It took
an incredible 11 hours and 5 minutes to complete over the course of three days.

Fact 04

Rufus The Hawk is a Wimbledon celebrity!

During Wimbledon, Rufus the Harris hawk is released every morning to scare off the local pigeons. With
over 10,000 Twitter followers, Rufus is a beloved bird. In 2012, Rufus was stolen, but thankfully he was
quickly returned home safely.

Fact 05

Being a Ball Girl or a Ball Boy is a serious job

Around 250 BBGs, aged 15, are selected from 27 schools for Wimbledon. They track fast-moving tennis
balls and undergo rigorous training for precision, discipline, and speed. Non-compliance results in

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