Presenter: Peter McCraw

Peter is an expert in world-class athlete development. He founded the 'CBD Model – Competitive Based Development for Tennis. He is a leading tennis researcher, world-renowned developmental coach and is available for exclusive private coaching services to individual players.

Peter is Australian born and has held the positions of National Director of Coaching – Tennis New Zealand, Director of Player Development at the Israel Tennis Center, National Woman's Coach - Tennis Australia and High-Performance Development Coach - IMG Academies - Bollettieri Tennis Academy.

Peter was an integral part of part of the development team for Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic, Nicole Vaidisova, and Xavier Malisse. He has developed countless ITF Top 100 Juniors, WTA Top 100 players and National Champions in UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

The tickets are £75 each.
Aceify coaches pay £45.

The event is at: The Harbour Club Chelsea, Watermeadow Ln, Fulham, London SW6 2RW


Workshop Theme

1. Tactical Development

Learn the tactics used to develop WTA #1 M. Sharapova and J. Jankovic

  • Ball Control
    • Court Vision – How do you see the court? Ball flight or Target. Inside / Outside or 9 Squares
      • If you simply hit shots you're not playing the same game as the pros
    • Tactical Intention – Timing / Strike Zone / Movement / Balance
      • It's not where the ball bounces, but where you hit it from that matters
  • Court Control
    • Clear the Middle – 6 ways. You need at least one each side
    • Control the Corner – 3 Targets or 3 ways. What can you do?
      • If you can't control the corner you have no tactical foundation from which to baseyour strategy against opponent
    • Change Direction – Active / Passive. Cross / Away from Body
      • If you own an active change away from the body you can play pro tennis

2. Point Development

Do your thinking outside the lines then… See it, Feel it, Do it

  • Point Structure - How do you see the game? Forwards or backwards (Start / Setup / Finish)
  • Point Intention - Up / Even / Down Points
    • How do you control momentum? Stop / Go / Beat Up Points
  • Playing to the Score - First Points / 30 Points / Game Points.
    • It's the value of the point not the score that's important

3. Skills Test

Test your skills and challenge yourself against the best Juniors and Pros in tennis

Workshop will be presented on court with handouts and practical examples you can use in lessons with a wide range of players. Session will be fun, educational and an opportunity to network.


The LTA have authorised the event to qualify for 3 CPD credits.