Italian Tennis Star Camila Giorgi’s Retirement Blamed On Tax Issues amid Fleeing to the USA

In a surprising turn of events, Italian tennis sensation Camila Giorgi has opted for a quiet exit from the professional tennis scene. The 32-year-old’s name recently surfaced on the International Tennis Integrity Agency’s (ITIA) list of retired players, leaving fans and experts alike speculating about the reasons behind her sudden departure.

Giorgi’s absence from the upcoming Roland Garros tournament only added fuel to the fire, hinting at a significant career transition for the seasoned athlete. Ranked at No. 116 in the WTA rankings, Giorgi’s decision to forego competing in one of tennis’s prestigious events has stirred curiosity and prompted questions about her future plans.

While Giorgi has refrained from making any public statements regarding her retirement, reports suggest that her departure may be linked to an ongoing tax dispute with authorities in Italy. Investigations by the Florence Prosecutor’s Office have reportedly revealed discrepancies in the tax returns of Giorgi and her family, prompting them to seek refuge in the United States.

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