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We have built a leading tennis coaching app endorsed by the world's leading tennis coaches

The app has been live since 2017 and we have successfully booked around 5000 tennis lessons so far on the platform.

We are very pleased with the progress we have made in the tennis market, and are now looking to expand our services to include other sports lessons and fitness training.

The fitness market is HUGE. We aim to disrupt this market in the same way that other apps have disrupted, for example, the taxi and hotel industries, by offering consumers choice, flexibility and customisation, which can be accessed conveniently on their phones.

We will make it easy to find and book a variety of high quality sports and fitness lessons, helping customers add exercise sessions to their daily schedule. Brits are wasting £558m on unused gym memberships - with 11% saying they haven't been in a YEAR.

By allowing users to pay a small fee per workout, Aceify offers customers better value and more variety in how they exercise. We are going to make sure that we only have top quality fitness sessions on our platform. We feel really good about this mission we are on because we are helping people to get fit in a cost effective way.

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