Coco Gauff’s Parents: The Support Behind the Tennis Prodigy

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Coco Gauff's Parents

When it comes to rising tennis stars, Coco Gauff’s name shines brightly on the international stage. Born on March 13, 2004, in Atlanta, Georgia, Cori Dionne “Coco” Gauff has taken the tennis world by storm with her exceptional talent and determination. At just 19 years old, she’s already achieved remarkable success, earning a spot among the top-ranked players globally. But behind every young prodigy is a supportive and dedicated family, and in Coco Gauff’s case, her parents, Candi Gauff and Corey Gauff, have played pivotal roles in her journey to tennis stardom.

Who Is Coco Gauff?

Coco Gauff lifting the US Open 2023 Trophy

Coco Gauff lifting the US Open 2023 Trophy

Before delving into the heartwarming story of Coco Gauff’s parents, it’s essential to understand who Coco Gauff is and the impact she’s had on the tennis world.

Coco Gauff, often dubbed the “teen sensation,” is an American professional tennis player whose meteoric rise in the sport has captivated fans worldwide. She burst onto the scene as a prodigious talent with her impressive skills, resilience on the court, and a winning mentality that belied her age. Her remarkable journey has seen her achieve a career-high singles ranking of world No. 3 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and reach the pinnacle of the doubles rankings at world No. 1.

Coco Gauff’s tennis prowess extends to an impressive collection of titles, including six WTA Tour singles championships, with the crowning jewel being her victory at the 2023 US Open. In the world of doubles, she has claimed eight titles, five of them in partnership with Jessica Pegula and three alongside Caty McNally.

But Coco Gauff’s journey to tennis stardom began long before her professional career took flight. It’s a story deeply intertwined with her family, particularly her parents, Candi and Corey Gauff.

Who Are Coco Gauff’s Parents?

Corey Gauff: The Basketballer Turned Tennis Coach

Coco Gauff’s father, Corey Gauff, hails from Delray Beach, Florida, and brings a unique sporting background to the family. During his college years, Corey made a name for himself as a talented basketball player at Georgia State University. While basketball was his primary sport, Corey dabbled in various athletic pursuits, including baseball and American soccer.

Although Corey had limited experience in tennis during his own upbringing, his journey took a significant turn when his daughter Coco displayed an early passion for the sport. Recognizing her potential, Corey transitioned from a basketball court to the tennis court, becoming Coco’s first coach. His collegiate sports background gave him valuable insights into the athletic development process, making him a supportive and understanding mentor for his daughter.

Corey’s role extended beyond coaching; he also facilitated Coco’s tennis education by connecting her with the right coaches and training facilities. One pivotal moment in Coco’s tennis journey came when Corey enrolled her in the Mouratoglou Academy in France, led by the legendary coach Patrick Mouratoglou, known for coaching tennis icons like Serena Williams. Patrick Mouratoglou himself saw tremendous promise in Coco, stating, “When she looks at you and tells you she will be number one, you can only believe it.” Moreover, Patrick Mouratoglou supported Coco Gauff through his Champ’Seed foundation, which financially aids young, talented players who lack the resources for high-level training.

Corey’s dedication to his daughter’s tennis career led him to make personal sacrifices, including leaving his job to become Coco’s full-time coach during her early years. His belief in Coco’s potential and unwavering support have been instrumental in her journey to becoming one of the world’s top tennis players. As of October 2022, Coco Gauff had already secured a place among the top five players globally, an extraordinary feat for an 18-year-old.

Candi Gauff: The Educator and Supportive Mom

Coco Gauff’s mother, Candi Gauff (née Odom), also hails from Delray Beach, Florida, and brings her own impressive background to the family. Candi’s father, Eddie “Red” Odom, was a college football player and later ventured into minor league baseball. He played a vital role in the community by establishing the Delray Beach American Little League, providing opportunities for Black children to engage in baseball—a legacy that continues to inspire Coco’s commitment to using her platform for positive change.

Candi Gauff’s own sporting journey led her to track and field during her college days at Florida State University. Her athleticism and competitive spirit shaped her perspective on sports and competition. Candi’s upbringing and family values instilled in her a deep sense of purpose, which she passed on to her daughter Coco.

While Corey focused on tennis coaching, Candi played a different but equally vital role. She managed Coco’s education and provided unwavering emotional support throughout her tennis career. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a balance between sports and personal growth, Candi ensured that Coco had the guidance she needed on and off the court.

Candi’s background in education made her well-equipped to oversee Coco’s homeschooling, a critical aspect of the young tennis prodigy’s life. Her supportive presence provided Coco with the stability and nurturing environment required for her personal and athletic development. Candi’s wisdom and experience helped her understand the mental and emotional challenges her daughter faced, making her a pillar of strength in Coco’s life.

Candi’s influence on Coco extended beyond academics and support; it encompassed values and advocacy as well. Candi’s mother, Yvonne, was a trailblazer in her own right, being the first Black student to integrate her high school. This strong family legacy of social responsibility has deeply influenced Coco’s commitment to using her platform to raise awareness and promote positive change in society.

The Gauff Family: A Team Effort

Coco Gauff’s remarkable journey from a tennis-loving child to an international tennis sensation is a testament to the incredible support and dedication of her parents, Corey and Candi Gauff. Together, they created an environment where Coco could pursue her dreams, develop her talents, and navigate the complex world of professional tennis.

As Coco’s primary coach during her formative years, Corey Gauff’s basketball background brought a unique perspective to her tennis development. His belief in her potential and his role in connecting her with the Mouratoglou Academy were pivotal moments that shaped her career.

Candi Gauff, on the other hand, played a multifaceted role as both a caregiver and educator. Her focus on Coco’s education, along with her unwavering emotional support, ensured that Coco could strike a balance between academics and sports. Candi’s influence also extended to advocacy, as she inspired Coco to use her platform for social change, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

In essence, Coco Gauff’s parents have been the driving force behind her incredible journey in the world of tennis. Their unwavering commitment, love, and support have empowered Coco to achieve remarkable success at such a young age. As Coco continues to make her mark in the tennis world, her parents, Corey and Candi Gauff, remain her biggest supporters, guiding her with the same dedication and love that have been a hallmark of her journey from the beginning.


Who are Coco Gauff’s parents?

Coco Gauff’s parents are Candi Gauff and Corey Gauff. Candi Gauff is Coco’s mother, and Corey Gauff is her father. They have played significant roles in Coco’s tennis journey and continue to support her in her professional career.

Who is Coco Gauff?

Coco Gauff, whose full name is Cori “Coco” Gauff, is an American professional tennis player born on March 13, 2004, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for her remarkable talent and has achieved success on both the singles and doubles circuits in the tennis world.

What is Coco Gauff’s background in tennis?

Coco Gauff began playing tennis at a very young age. Her journey into the sport started when she was just six years old. Her family recognized her talent and passion for tennis, which led to their decision to support her tennis career.

Where is Coco Gauff from?

Coco Gauff was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but her family later moved to Delray Beach, Florida, when she was seven years old. Delray Beach became her training ground, offering access to excellent tennis facilities and coaching.

How did Coco Gauff’s parents support her tennis career?

Coco’s parents, Candi and Corey Gauff, played integral roles in her tennis development. Corey, her father, transitioned from his career to become her primary coach during her early years. He provided coaching and mentorship, using his athletic background to guide her. Candi, her mother, managed Coco’s education and ensured she had a balanced life on and off the court. They both made significant sacrifices to support her dreams.

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