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Putney Lawn Tennis Club

Putney Lawn Tennis Club

Balmuir Gardens, Putney Lawn Tennis Club, London, SW15 6NG    

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Putney Lawn Tennis Club is one of the oldest tennis clubs in the world and is definitely one of the most popular. PLTC offers a high standard of social and competitive play with five synthetic grass courts and five artificial clay courts.

Putney Lawn Tennis Club is a great place to play tennis, watch sports, or have a party. They have everything you need to enjoy your time there - a clubhouse with big television screens for watching major sporting events, a well-stocked bar and kitchen, and plenty of space for everyone.

They also regularly host yoga sessions, quiz nights and parties - just some of the many fun activities that take place at Putney Lawn Tennis Club!

Putney Lawn Tennis Club has around 800 members of all ages. It offers a wide range of opportunities for players of all levels, from Club Championships and box leagues to social weekend competitions. The Club also has an excellent junior section, with numerous tournaments and coaching sessions available for children aged 6 to 18 years old.

There are a number of membership options available at the Putney Lawn Tennis Club, each with its own benefits. To get started, we recommend choosing a full membership. This will give you access to all our courts and events, as well as discounts on other club services.
If you're a student and are looking to take your tennis game further but don't want to break the bank, consider the student membership. It has all the same benefits as our full membership but comes at a reduced price. They offer a junior membership which it's only limited hours of play so that beginners can learn safely and effectively. And lastly, if you'd like to socialise while keeping your playing schedule free from obligations, choose the social Membership option. With this option, you don't have access to courts but you'll be able to attend social events.

So if you're looking for an active community to join or some serious competition in your next match, look no further than Putney Lawn Tennis Club.