The Benefits Of Yoga For Tennis Players


The first Yoga for Tennis class will take place on Friday 5th of July thanks to Aceify’s  partnership with triyoga.

When I first started to take yoga classes, I was surprised to discover the huge benefits that my body and my mind could receive from this discipline.

As a tennis player, I always like to follow suggestions from the best players and how they are keeping fit and strong. I came across several articles about how helpful yoga can be for tennis players and how yoga helped to increase  their performance.  

Yoga has long been accredited by some of the top players as a first-rate way to add those extra margins to their performance, recovery and ability to stave off injury. This ancient discipline can improve your flexibility, strength, but it’s not only physical body that yoga strengthens,  it also balance and helps to develop greater mind control and focus, all students of yoga (tennis players included) learn how to maintain focus, cultivate deep concentration and establish confident mental patterning.

Check out Yoga’s Physical benefits:

Stronger core muscles

Increased leg strength

Increased flexibility

More stamina

Restored and revitalized energy

Injury prevention

Improved full-body coordination

Improved balance

Symmetry and balance on both sides of the body


What Andy Murray and Serena Williams said about Yoga

Some of the top tennis players in the world including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams believe yoga plays a big role in their success within the tennis world. Serena loves it so much she allegedly incorporated a class into her hen do celebrations. 

Andy Murray sees great value in the competitive edge gained from practising yoga as well. When talking about the physical and mental advantages he reaps from his hot yoga practice, Murray admits: “Until you do it, you can’t comment on how difficult it is. It’s tough. It’s ugly. It’s also effective.

So, if those at the top of the game can see the benefits, maybe it’s worth taking note and join triyoga teacher and personal trainer Chris Miller on Friday 5th of July at  triyoga Chelsea.

Chris will share poses that help with balance, strength and injury prevention. Together we will focus on opening the upper body to allow for more rotation and work on flexibility to increase quickness. These movements help to improve forehand, backhand, split-step and many more aspects of the game including mental benefits.

Click the following link, use discount code: Aceify to book the workshop for £5.

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