Money matters – How Aceify supports young players

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Gabriella Taylor and Genie Bouchard

Having lived as a professional tennis player, competed and represented my country around the world – including at Grand Slams, the highest echelon of the sport – I have experienced the many challenges faced by an elite athlete. Of these, the financial pressures of travelling week in, week out, are among the most difficult to navigate. Fortunately – upon progressing from the junior to professional tours – I received greater financial support from the LTA, which lifted a weight off of the shoulders of my family. Without this, my parents would have been unable to finance my career, stunting my ability to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. To an outsider, it can be easy to overlook just how expensive tennis is, and how much it impacts the individual player and those closest to them.

There were times as a teenager when – to cover the costs of travelling and competing in junior events – my family had to sacrifice some of their own savings. At the most difficult times, my father even skipped meals to ensure that my opportunities didn’t suffer. My mother sacrificed her professional aspirations to support my career, and the two of us moved out to Spain for six years. This meant that our family was forced to live apart, with my father staying home in England to work and provide for us.

The sacrifices that families have to go through in order to support their children’s dreams are a daily reality for many athletes. We look at the legendary tennis players who “have it all” and fail to realize that they, too, had to overcome hardships similar – and, often, far worse – than mine. The process to get to their level is long, difficult, and unpredictable. Some players are lucky enough to have a sponsor from a young age, but this is rarely the case – especially for players from under-resourced countries or backgrounds.

On average, professional players spend at least £6k every month on expenses, which totals to about £72k per year. This includes flights, accommodation and the salaries needed to maintain a core team. However, many are not fortunate enough to pay this substantial amount – especially those still playing on the ITF tour. This is the lower level of professional tennis, which players must conquer before competing in higher-paying events on the WTA and ATP tours.
Prize money at the ITF level does not cover the expenses needed to support a player on tour, yet the ranking points earned from these tournaments are crucial to climbing the rankings and earning a place on the biggest stages.

Aceify is here to support developing players while providing you with the opportunity to experience the professional level. With just one hit with one of our pros, you not only gain the benefit of expanding your own game but provide crucial support to an athlete navigating challenging financial pressures. Each hit contributes to a player’s expenses, from travel and accommodation to coaching and racket stringing. The impact of this cannot be understated, as it lifts a burden from the player’s shoulders and makes their life that little bit more comfortable.

So, get your trainers on, get on court, and experience what it’s like to Hit with a Pro!

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