Supriya Annaiah – Rohan Bopanna’s Wife, Muse, and Support

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Rohan-Bopannas Wife Supriya Annaiah

Indian tennis legend Rohan Bopanna is one of the more revered figures in doubles tennis history. Turned pro in 2003, Bopanna’s career has been littered with doubles titles, Grand Slam victories, and heaps of prize money, cementing his status as one of the most celebrated tennis stars in the world, known the globe over for his One-Handed Backhand, the oldest ever first-time world number one at 43 years, and the oldest ever Masters 1000 winner at 44 with a victory at the 2024 Miami Open (which also saw Jannik Sinner and Danielle Collins crowned champions)

Rohan Bopanna is a stalwart of Doubles Tennis, with a remarkable career and immense experience granting him legend status in both his native India, and the world. Despite the avalanche of professional accolades, mountain of plaudits, and heaps of cash prizes (over $6m), one may argue that Bopanna’s most precious prize, is the love he has found in Supriya Annaiah, Indian Tennis’ first lady.

Despite her marriage to the biggest star in Indian Tennis, Supriya Annaiah is a character shrouded in some mystery. Supriya opts for a more private life, avoiding the limelight on most occasions, while maintaining immense support for her husband, Rohan. With this mystery, we aim to uncover the most common questions regarding one of the most fascinating sports romances in India.

Who is Rohan Bopanna?

Indian Tennis Star Rohan Bopanna

Indian Tennis Star Rohan Bopanna

Before we explore Supriya and Rohan’s romance, we’ll briefly introduce the Doubles Tennis legend. Rohan Bopanna  born on March 4th, 1980, in Coorg, Karnataka, India, is an incredibly accomplished Doubles Tennis star, owning various tennis related world records. Over the years, his quality play, persistence, and off-court behaviour have earned him the respect of the tennis world, and the admiration of India, a love he has more than paid back with his various, generous charity schemes.

Bopanna donates a portion of profits generated by sales of his and Aisam ul Haq Qureshi’s (one of Bopanna’s most prolific doubles partners) “Stop War Start Tennis” merchandise to the non-profit “Go Sports Foundation“. The tennis star also tries to give as much back as possible to his hometown of Coorg, generating funds for both an opportunity school which provides education to physically differently-abled students, and a Dental sciences institute, of which aim to provide low cost dental care. Rohan Bopanna is also a member of the “Champions for Peace” club, Prince Albert II’s international, Monaco based organisation.

Bopanna’s Tennis Career

Rohan Bopanna & Gabriela Dabrowski

Rohan Bopanna & Gabriela Dabrowski Celebrating their mixed doubles win

Rohan Bopanna first got into tennis at the age of 11, relatively late compared to many of his peers, and much later than most other professionals with a similar level of prestige. However this was not his first entry into sports, with a previous interest in Hockey and Football, Bopanna began his tennis journey after his father, MG Bopanna, felt he should persue an individual sport.

Bopanna enjoys an incredibly successful career, with many significant milestones, solidifying his reputation as one of India’s top tennis stars. Rohan Bopanna most notably made his stamp with his 2024 Australian Open victory with partner Matthew Ebden, becoming the oldest first-time world no.1 at age 43. Another memorable moment came from his 2010 US Open final apperance with partner Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, in which he lost against American brothers Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan. This US Open final appearance marked the first time an Indian player had reached the final of a grand slam event since Mahesh Bhupathi in 1997, who won that years French Open’s Mixed Doubles.

Beside his incredible 2024 Australian Open victory, Rohan Bopanna had previously reached the epitome of his discipline with a Grand Slam, 2017 French Open Mixed Doubles victory with Gabriela Dabrowski of Canada.

Rohan Bopanna’s Contributions to Indian Tennis

Beyond his personal achievements, Rohan Bopanna has made substantial contributions to Indian tennis. He played a pivotal role in India’s 2010 Davis Cup triumph over Brazil, which saw India return to the World Group for the first time in 19 years. His exceptional skills and commitment to the sport have inspired countless aspiring tennis players in India to pursue their dreams.

Who is Supriya Annaiah?

Rohan Bopanna's wife Supriya Annaiah2

Rohan Bopanna’s wife Supriya Annaiah

Supriya Annaiah’s path first crossed with Rohan Bopanna’s in a manner worthy of a classic romantic tale. By coincidence, Annaiah was a friend of Rohan’s cousin. One day in a restaurant, Rohan saw Supriya and his cousin speaking, leading him to ask to be introduced. What began as a chance meeting soon blossomed into a deep and enduring connection.

Rohan and Supriya’s relationship blossomed as they spent more time together. Their shared interests, values, and a mutual love for each other paved the way for a profound and lasting love story. Rohan’s proposal to Supriya was marked by thoughtful planning, including the consideration of her ring size, a gesture that reflected the depth of his feelings.

Supriya Annaiah, Rohan Bopanna's Wife

Supriya Annaiah

Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah’s Wedding

Rohan Bopanna and Wife Supriya Annaiah at Wedding Ceremony

Rohan Bopanna and Wife Supriya Annaiah at Wedding Ceremony

In 2012, Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah decided to take their relationship to the next level. They exchanged vows in an intimate and private ceremony, surrounded by close friends and family. Their wedding was a celebration of their love and commitment to one another.

A Supportive Partner and Psychologist

Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah

Rohan Bopanna With Supriya Annaiah

Supriya Annaiah’s role in Rohan Bopanna’s life extends far beyond that of a spouse. She is a trained psychologist, utilising her expertise to provide invaluable support to her husband. Managing the mental and emotional aspects of an athlete’s life is no small feat, and Supriya’s guidance has undoubtedly played a crucial role in Rohan’s success. Supriya’s education and training in psychology has no doubt left a profound impact in Bopanna’s professional life, performance, and incredibly longevity, leaving his career, and their relationship, all the more stronger.

Director of the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation

Supriya Annaiah is also the director of the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation, an initiative registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Through this foundation, she actively contributes to nurturing young tennis talents and providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to excel in the sport.

This is another endeavour in Rohan Bopanna’s exhaustive commitment to the people and development of India, and a testament to Supriya Annaiah’s shared interest in the prosperity of their homeland.

A Fashion Statement at the Arjun Award Felicitation

Supriya Annaiah’s elegance and style have not gone unnoticed by the public. At the Arjun Award felicitation ceremony, she captivated onlookers with her attire—a saree in the traditional Kodava style. Her choice of attire reflected her strong connection to her heritage and culture. This appearance further solidified her presence as a prominent figure in Rohan Bopanna’s life.

Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah’s Family

Rohan Bopanna, Supriya Annaiah and daughter Tridha Bopanna

Rohan Bopanna, Supriya Annaiah, and daughter Tridha Bopanna

Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah have grown closer and closer over the years. Their seemingly unbreakable bond is evident in their daughter Tridha Bopanna. The child Tridha is a very private character, something we will respect, seemingly following in the footsteps of her mother, and for her own wellbeing.

Rohan Bopanna, Supriya Annaiah and daughter Tridha Bopanna

Rohan Bopanna, Supriya Annaiah, and daughter Tridha Bopanna


Rohan Bopanna is a stalwart of the doubles tennis world, and an absolute legend in Indian Tennis. But behind every successful athlete, there is a source of unwavering support and strength, and for Rohan, that source is his wife, Supriya Annaiah. Her roles as a loving partner, skilled psychologist, and director of the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation underscore her multifaceted personality. Together, Rohan and Supriya exemplify the power of love, dedication, and partnership, both on and off the tennis court.


Who is Supriya Annaiah?

Supriya Annaiah is the wife of renowned Indian tennis player Rohan Bopanna. She is also a psychologist and the director of the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation.

How did Rohan Bopanna and Supriya Annaiah meet?

They met through Rohan Bopanna’s cousin, who introduced them in a restaurant. Their chance meeting eventually led to a deep and lasting relationship.

What is Supriya Annaiah’s role in Rohan Bopanna’s career?

Besides being a supportive partner, Supriya Annaiah is a trained psychologist who assists in managing the mental and emotional aspects of Rohan Bopanna’s athletic career.

What is the Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation?

The Rohan Bopanna Tennis Development Foundation, directed by Supriya Annaiah, is a registered initiative that aims to nurture young tennis talents in India by providing them with guidance and resources.

What was significant about Supriya Annaiah’s attire at the Arjun Award felicitation?

At the Arjun Award felicitation, Supriya Annaiah wore a saree in the traditional Kodava style, showcasing her connection to her heritage and culture.

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